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Heavy Metals Toxicity

This is a work in progress. Soon I will post how I survived heavy metals poisoning, mainly from the amalgams/silver fillings in my mouth – they are actually 50% mercury – their consequences and the long journey to detox & chelation to bring the body back to balance. How conventional medicine – although good for acute medical crisis (car accident, surgery, etc..) but when it comes to the symptoms of these “slow killer” – allopathic medicine could only set you back further more.

To be continued…in the meantime eat clean (mainly organic – since processed food contains other metals such as lead, aluminum,…etc.. – drink plenty of water and stay fit (exercise – even if its just walking long distance – do not forget to stretch).

Note: I am not a doctor – as an ePatient or Patient Expert I can only relate my experience to you as a blue print on how to model your own discovery process of what you should ask your physician or health expert.

Thank You.




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